Center of Art Management and PR Activities

regist Art, established in 2017 as a joint venture between ART iT Co., Ltd. and FISCO Virtual Currency Exchange Co., Ltd., is a company that utilizes blockchain technology to enable ownership and transfer registration services of artwork. In September 2018, the web service "regist ART" was launched. In conjunction with ART iT, the ART-based web magazine managed by ART-iT Co., Ltd., and Shinwa Auction, which is operated by Shinwa Wise Holdings Co., Ltd., we will strive to establish a global art platform that is a more inclusive, engaging place for newcomers and connoisseurs alike.

Recording & Management

Electronic cataloging & inventory management of works

By registering the artwork onto regist ART, members can utilize the site as a virtual catalog (portfolio) that can be accessed via the internet. through your PC or smartphone, you can browse all the artwork that has been registered including your own anytime and anywhere. With respect to the detailed registration process of your artwork, we recommend that you take advantage of our services which are currently available for free.

PR of Artwork

Promote Your Artwork to Reputable Galleries and Auction Houses

In collaboration with ART iT, a representative contemporary art web magazine, and Shinwa Auction, one of the largest auction houses in Japan, regist ART also offers PR services to its members. One of our main users is Gallery Koyanagi, who represents high-profile domestic as well as global artists. By registering your artwork on regist ART, let's open the door to new connections in the art world which can lead to infinite possibilities!


Message Exchange with Various Professionals (Chat Function)

through your registered artwork, regist ART provides direct messaging capabilities to enable members to engage with various people both in Japan and abroad. this function is a useful tool as it allows you to send invitations for art events, fairs, solo and/or group exhibitions concurrently. (Members can also utilize our DM services for exhibitions)

Company Profile

Comapny Nameregist ART Inc.
Date of establishmentApril 3, 2017
Representative DirectorHiroki Nakagawa
Lexington Aoyama 4F 5-11-9 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo
QRYou can view the company introduction and promotion videos.