regist ART Inc. (hereafter “our company”) collects personal data through the regist ART website (hereafter “this website”) for the purpose of providing services to our customers. Our company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its enforcement, as well as other related laws, ordinances, and guidelines. We also conduct proper collection, use, and management of personal data adhering to such compliance.

Personal Data We Collect

Our company collects personal data in a proper manner, avoiding fraudulent or otherwise illegitimate means.

How We Use Personal Data

Our company uses collected personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill the following purposes.

In the event that we require use of personal data outside the scope of these designated purposes, we will conduct those operations only after receiving prior consent from the person(s) involved.

  • 1. For operations necessary for providing our various services, such as actions necessary to process information for membership registration and various forms of transactions, actions to process customer requests, etc., and provision of other services
  • 2. To answer various kinds of inquiries from customers
  • 3. To analyze usage statistics for our various services on this website and marketing analyses related to service usage

Secure Management of Personal Data

Our company has taken the appropriate measures necessary for secure management of personal data to prevent leaks, destruction, damages, and other risks.

Outsourcing of Personal Data

In the event that our company outsources all or a portion of personal data management to a third party, we will conduct a rigid assessment of the third party and carry out the appropriate supervision necessary to ensure secure management of the outsourced personal data.

Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

Excluding stipulations under laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data, our company does not provide personal data to third parties without prior consent from the person(s) involved.

Disclosure, Error Correction, etc., of Personal Information

In the event that our company receives a request from the person involved for disclosure, revision, addition or deletion of their personal data (hereafter “disclosure, etc.”), we will promptly perform disclosure, etc., of the information in a reasonable time period and within the appropriate scope. The request for disclosure, etc., will not be fulfilled if the person’s identity cannot be confirmed.

In the event that personal information content is erroneous and the person requests revision, addition, or deletion of the information, we will promptly respond to the request upon investigation of the issue. The request will not be fulfilled if the person’s identity cannot be confirmed.

Requests for disclosure, etc., complaints and consultations related to personal data retained by our company can be arranged by contacting the inquiry desk listed below.

Inquiry Desk

regist ART Inc.Inquiry Form


  • 1. Our company does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or comprehensiveness of information posted on this website.
  • 2. Our company does not guarantee that any information that appears on this website, or any information accessible through this website, is safe from the effects of computer viruses or spyware.
  • 3. Our company does not bear responsibility for any damages incurred from using this website. Visitors to the website will bear responsibility for any actions they take through use of this website’s information.

Policy Changes

The privacy policy is subject to change. Any changes made to this policy will go into effect as soon as the information regarding the changes is released on this website.

Copyrighted Information

Our company owns the content and copyrights for this website. Unauthorized distribution of information listed on this website is prohibited.